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GIvve er a10

for ...

Wow so Amazing

ummm people who vote low are dumb. Very Talented, and crack has nothing to do with hallucinationg, crack is a crack head drug not a spiritual psychedelic drug so enough with the crack wise cracks your damn idiot crackers. Oh im white though

This was amazing

First off, i loved the detail and the concept. But for any one to say this is a rip off of pen is mightier... exuse me but the pen is mightier sucks donkey balls. if anything this one ups and dominates it, so long story short, this flash is great. no... fucking amazing


What southpark reference are you talking about, your so closed minded, this was a FUCKING brilliant flash.

Judging by your glip, you are very inteligent

really now?

really wow most lucid flash ever i loved it

tehslaphappy responds:

Uhh....then why zero?


I understand that it is a piece of shit, but not a piece of shit. In real words it sucks. Everyone thats give 5 to 0 score and says its shit. Dont say mmmm of coarse thats the idea...... NO it sucks. You have nice drawing talent, but this is childish and pathetic. You can make an amazing cartoons, cuz some people have the idea but have no talnt drawing, so take your time on one. I wanted to remake pico school, in a bad ass movie but someone already did it, and they sucked so if you did that i can expect greatness. Oh and nice ending , take out the weinee n poo and your good.

ConAir responds:

Look I'm not a fool, I'm taking they're insults and turning it into a joke, kind of like this joke of a review.

i dont see it

it's to ... not good.

Im very disapointed

not what i hoped for

Lalo responds:

lol, you could give me some reasons at least, aside of it being too short.

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